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"Give me the chance to prove to you... That you're UNBROKEN too!"

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"Step Inside....  Walk This Way...."

In the lives of everyday people…

Each one of us is given opportunities to see if we stand up to the world that we live in.  Life’s trials either leave you stronger and humming a happy tune or break you in two… shattering hopes and dreams as each day goes by. 

The question that we need to ask ourselves is a simple one: 

Are you Unbroken?

After a whirlwind courtship has moved them to places that neither had ever imagined, Sam Moleson has not only found her idol but the love of her young life in Brooke L. Gordon.

Sam's new found acceptance into the Gordon family is refreshing compared to her own upbringing. But can the same be said for Brooke as she finds that being the only daughter-in-law in the Moleson clan can be as shocking as it is revealing?

Past choices, stubborn beliefs and misconceptions can be overpowering things in a marriage or a family. Brooke and Sam have joined forces and together, they are in it for life. Now, only time will tell if the road to love is paved with good intentions.

One never knows until one reads the next season of UNBROKEN.


Season Two

Produced, Directed and Written by

Carrie Ryan and K. Darblyne

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